Professional Vancouver Cat Sitter – Kitty Home Care

We believe cats feel more comfortable at home.

Professional Vancouver Cat SitterMoving a cat to an alternative housing situation is likely to stress a cat too much, during and after. Many cats like to establish their space and own that space. Most cats are happier at home when their humans are away, adapting much better to a new person than many (and other cats) in a temporary environment.

So when you need to leave Vancouver,
we believe it’s better to Kitty Home Care.

Professional Vancouver Cat Sitters

The initial consultation is free.

We employ several trusted Vancouver Cat Sitters available to care for your cat(s) while you’re away. Our Vancouver cat sitters are passionate, friendly and caring.

Our basic Vancouver cat sitting service includes:

  • Feeding as per your instructions & filling fresh water.
  • Providing any oral, topical or injection medicines.
  • Litter Box cleaning, disposal and ensuring a clean home.
  • Watering of any indoor house plants.
  • Collecting any mail and/or newspapers (optional).
  • Lights on and off, and blinds down at night.
  • Love, attention and play time!
  • House care and security.
  • Brushing Kitty.
  • A daily update of how your Kitty is doing with a photo (pending weather and/or technology conditions)

Our visit times are regularly minimum 40-minutes but we offer other options. Please note that we have a 2-day minimum service policy.

See here for our current Vancouver cat sitting rates

We respect scent-free homes and will always leave your home just as you left it. We guarantee to be with your cat for the time promised, fulfill our promised duties during our time with your kitty in your home and inform you regularly.

Please read through our FAQ here for more information about our cat sitting services, or contact us with any questions.

We aim to ensure your kitty is taken care of while you are away!