Vancouver cat sitters

Alex and KiriI’m Alex and I love cats!

I have lived with cats for most of my life. In fact, my first job when I was 8 was taking care of other people’s cats, and since then much of my work has been in client care.

I know very well how tricky it can be finding the right someone to take care of your kitty when you leave the city, as I have when I needed to leave Vancouver and no one was available.

This is why I started Kitty Home Care.

We are insured, bonded, and a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI).

Professional Pet Sitter

I’m clean, reliable, respectful and an excellent communicator. Communication has always been the cornerstone of everything I do, and you should expect a text or email update daily about how your kitty roommate(s) is doing. It’s important to me for you to know that your kitty roommate(s) are doing well while you are away.

I try to be the cat sitter I would want if I was away.

I’ve also long been an animal rights advocate. When I was 26, I successfully lobbied (with the great help of Animal Alliance Canada) for Winnipeg City Council to create the Animal Testing Ban By-law in Winnipeg, effectively cancelling the practice that saw animals found by city animal services sold to the University of Manitoba for animal testing.

I’m also a VOKRA foster and the primary cat sitter for most of Vancouver.


Vancouver Cat SittingI’m a lifelong lover of all animals and have two great cat companions of my own. Growing up, I spent time pet sitting for cats and dogs in my neighbourhood, as well taking care of my family’s pets. I also have experience caring for fearful and anxious animals.

As I always worry about my own cats when I travel, I love being able to provide a solution to fellow cat lovers to set their mind at ease, knowing their cat/s will be loved and cared for while they are away.


My name is Grant and I absolutely love cats. I used to have a cat named Kinky. In 1995, My parents arrived home from the Cloverdale flea market with a small kitten for me to take care of. He was a scruffy tabby with a stubby little tail that was bent at the end, hence his name ‘Kinky’.

For the next 19 years of my life, Kinky was my closest friend; he never left my side day or night and I loved him dearly.

Since his passing in 2014, I have always felt an emptiness but could not bring myself to adopt a new kitty.  Whenever I visit my brother, sister or my best friend who all have cats of their own, I get a chance to enjoy my time with their sweet kitties. Usually, whenever any one of them goes away on a trip and needs someone to look after their kitties I’m always their first choice. When not taking care of other people’s cats I can be found watching cat videos on Facebook to get my cute cat fix.


I am 32 years old and have been living in Vancouver for 2 years. Prior to Vancouver, I lived on the island but moved so I could pursue my associates of art degree major in English at Langara College. In my spare time I love doing outdoor activities such as camping, traveling, kayaking, biking, swimming and hiking. When not outdoors I love spending time with family & friends, going to movies, the theatre , concerts, art galleries, reading, working out and practicing piano & French. I love all animals, especially cats, I can’t get enough of a kitty’s mischievous and affectionate sides.


Since I can remember I loved cats. In fact, my first word could have been ‘cat’. We always had kitties at my gran’s, who lived in the countryside. As a bit of a city dweller it’s difficult to have a cat – especially if you’re far away from home (Europe), so helping others to look after their cats fills that void for me. I’m very responsible, honest and reliable, plus I have a pet first aid certification. I’d care for your cats as if they were my own.


I have always loved animals and had a way with them. Even as a child I surprised people that I could get close to animals no one else could. I recall as a young child, I helped my Aunt rescue four kittens from under her house once. I was the only one determined enough to get them out.

I have owned many cats in my lifetime and lots of other animals too. I’ve raised 8 litters of kittens so far and regularly help my friends with their litters. I have two kitties of my own right now; one who I rescued because he was partly feral and was at risk of being put to sleep. Now he’s a beautiful boy who’s very affectionate. He just needed love.

Why should I trust Kitty Home Care?

The core foundation of our Vancouver Cat Sitting service is of care, security and comfort. Your cat will remain in his or her secure home environment and follow your desired routine of exercise (or comfort), food, water and any medications. Our Vancouver cat sitters do not smoke and we respect scent-free homes. Kitty Home Care will not expose your cats to pollution in transit or viruses from other animals in a boarding or cat kennel situation.

Our Vancouver cat sitters are trusted, caring and reliable cat sitters who have passed a background check and have no criminal record.

Some Vancouver home insurance policies and condo strata rules do require that your home is looked after on a regular basis, and not doing this may void your home insurance or otherwise cause an issue with your strata or landlord otherwise. Check with your insurance provider or Strata if this is the case. Also Kitty Home Care is insured and bonded.

Most of all, what we primarily offer is caring for kitties at your home!