Kitty Home Care Consultation

This form is just to begin a conversation about our services, and filling out this form is completely non-committal. We just want to know about your kitty roommate(s).

  • Client Info

  • Street address, unit number and buzzer information.

  • Booking Schedule Info

    When do you want us to take care of your cat(s)?
  • The more flexible you are with the visit times, the lower the cost.
  • The quote cost depends on how much time you need us to spend with your cat(s).
  • We urge you to use WhatsApp but other options are acceptable as well.

  • Emergency and/or Medical Info

    Please tell us anything that might concern you regarding your kitty's health and well-being. Be as specific as possible on this form, prior to meeting in person.
  • If any, where is it kept, amount given, schedule, best way to administer?
  • Full disclosure is necessary for us to care for your cat(s) properly. This includes diseases, physical disabilities, chronic conditions, unusual habits, or anything you think we should know.

    Please be as specific as possible. If no known issues, skip this section.
  • In the rare case of a medical emergency, do you have a preferred vet?
  • Other Info

  • This is the person we will contact if we can't reach you. Could be a friend you trust, a neighbour or a caretaker. If you don't have anyone, that's okay.
  • Preferably a phone which can receive text messages.
  • We never smoke in your home but if you are sensitive to smokers, please let us know.
  • Select all those that apply.
  • Please tell us everything you think is important about your kitty!
  • If you have any other questions, here's the place to ask us before we meet.
  • We only accept an e-transfer payment when booking.